The phenomenon of aging has gradual effects on the skin. First we witness a loss and a lack of hydration. Fine lines appear around the eyes, such named expression wrinkles. Then wrinkles became deeper and more installed in the structure of the dermis. The oval of the face loses its firmness. Dark spots or at least a dull complexion make their appearance. Finally the hormonal unbalance above 50 years old causes a lack of cohesion in the structure of collagen and elastin fibers.
We have picked 5 products in the Valmont range, the Swiss expert in cellular rejuvenation, that successfully address all the parameters of aging, one by one.
Prime 24 Hour cream: because aging starts with lack of hydration, this product is the first step in our life time program. Liposomes of RNA & urea ensure maximum penetration and hydration of the skin, as well as the famous triple DNA. From 25 years old.
Renewing Pack: the magical anti-stress mask which acts as a beauty flash; works as a blotting paper, removes all toxins thanks to titanium dioxide, oxygenates the cells thanks to galactic acids esters. The result is a radiant, glowing skin, perfectly hydrated and full of energy in the middle of winter.

Regenerating Collagen Mask: because the regenerating process of collagen fibers slows down after 30 years old, the Valmont collagen sheet treatment can be used by anyone, anytime and offers an overall anti-aging result, similar to a biological lift; a hydrated skin, an even complexion and a visible firmness on the jaw, cheek bones and around the eyes.
Radiance: when the first dark spots appear, it is time to boost our daily routine with the Regenerating Radiance cream, which is applied at night to wake up in the morning with a radiant and smoother skin. The Radiance treatment based on a pure Vitamin C mask is also an option, especially for mixed skins.
Cyto-Complex Factor III: above 50, with female hormone levels slowing down, skin tends to lose its cohesion. This cream fights structural wrinkles and slackening thanks to high-end ingredients such as rice & soya peptides, in association with DNA and enzymes that bind free radicals.
5 products worthy of investment to fight visible signs of time, without injection or scalpel, with results showing immediately after the first application. Discover the magic world of the most luxury anti-aging treatments and products, the Valmont universe. Together with the most technologically advanced ingredients in cosmetology, Valmont has selected for you the most pleasurable hand massage to relax the features, restore harmony to the face and work on the micro-circulation.
Marylise Saulière
January, 15th, 2012

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