As the gloomy veil of the economic crisis spreads across the market and summer seems to have lost its old joie de vivre we have to wonder if some relaxation can help us see the positive side of life and what better way to do this than a visit to the spa.
The spa wave hit Greece at approximately the same time as the 2004 Olympic Games
and was initially received with skepticism and dislike, now, several years later, it is apparent that spas are here to stay.
Apart from the international tourists who arrive in Greece each year, more and more Greeks living in big or small cities, are becoming fascinated by spas, whether it is for the pool, a massage, a manicure-pedicure, or a visit to the sauna.  Once experienced, the stress-relieving capabilities of a spa session is hard to forget and will leave you wanting to go back again.
In the case of Greece, it seems the spas have made their way into our lives.  At first it was seen as just another trend or fashion, but in fact, spas have come to meet a deeply neglected need.  It is not just the need to exorcize at a gym or dip into a swimming pool.  It is the need to take a break, and take the time to care of ones self, without necessarily trying to achieve something in particular. It is the need to deeply regenerate in order to respond to the demands that we all face on a daily basis – work, family, social life.
All spa practices, including thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, hot stones massage, or thermal treatments, go beyond the physical body.  The d├ęcor, the soft background music, the orchid or olive tree that adorns the pool area or atrium, or the stream of water running through the corridor; all are part of the holistic approach to reconcile body and mind. All aspects come together to soothe the busy mind, calm emotions, and relive bodily tensions.  In a real spa, vibrations are thinner, and in order to catch and react to them, you must open your own ‘doors of perception.’
In fact, many treatments aim to open the ‘third eye’ or work on the ‘chakra’ through treatments, which aim to manipulate energy.  Spa is about combining the traditions of East and West and using treatments inspired by various traditions to promote good health. You can have an Ayurvedic massage and then a slimming treatment based on seaweed. All have the same goal – to balance the human being, help him/her realize his/her self, develop possibilities for a further quest, or simply a break from daily life.
Our purpose is to help you discover spa practices, spa philosophy, spa treatments, and real spas here in Greece for your greater benefit and enjoyment.

Marylise Sauliere, Spa Guru
1 July 2010

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